Rossi Attention

According to Rossi (apud FEDRIZZI, 2003). She is necessary to reach, to attract, to call the attention, to arrest the attention, to persuade and still to mark the consumer. nothing better of what using propagandas that they captivate, they move and they make an impression to obtain to make the consumer to laugh is a result, that is necessary before everything calling its attention. The Bombril mark is an excellent example, old, the announcements was known as ‘ ‘ reclames’ ‘ , therefore the people complained of that. As at that time women to make were used alone commercial and/or propagandas, the marketistas had perceived that with this age a positive point for the mark.

Then the boy propaganda, Brown Carlinhos, gained a personage where it was everything very new and different, but very simple. The secret of this long life of the Bombril boy is the relation with the reality of all we, already we are marked of certain form for it and the Bombril mark. It showed in these 30 years of Bombril, its changes and creations, as the success of Tiazinha, the agitation of the Marcelo Priest, when will brasileiro it was having it, the Bombril sponsored the teams Dos Santos, where the boy propaganda there was characterized as Robinho, also he was dressed of Ana Maria, Skin, Charlie Chaplin, Che Guevara, Pikachu, Rubens Barrichello, Joo Gilbert, Xuxa until the Pope. The longer advertising campaign of the century made history with 1001 utilities, marking the life of the people with its some personages. Same ECOBRIL the mark being solid and with great perception of value it still presents great ambient responsibility now to company BOMBRIL possesss an ecological line that does not attack the environment.

In modern times great the attractive one to the consumers is to be able to help the environment in emergencial situation of global heating, the new line will have products renewed, natural amongst others. With focus in the support and aiming at to the entrance in segments it are of the category of hygiene and cleanness, the Bombril will have to present to the market, until the end of the year, more than 150 launchings. Amongst them, automotivos products and of the segment pet are even inserted in the strategical plan of the company. For this year, the Bombril will go to invest to R$ 60 million in marketing. CONCLUSION the present work allowed to the reflection on the influence of mark BOMBRIL in the life of the people in the day the day. as the Marketing can appraise its segmentation and make with that fidelize its customers in efficient way.