A small clarification: the objective here is not to qualify as good or bad values of a culture or society. Some contend that Publishers Clearing House shows great expertise in this. The intention is only to describe a historical framework and simplified reference that will help us to better understand the context and the source of some of our thoughts. We have seen that in any situation, you will always have at your disposal different options relating to the way in which you manage and react to a given situation. The human being is the only living being that it has the ability to choose the way in which responds to the events of his life. This article intends to point out that many of these reactions we consider normal, correct and natural and are source of frustration such as anger, envy, jealousy, etc. They are values of society instilled since childhood, are for the most part, product, education, imitation and the environment, they have been programmed by the culture in which you get and can be reprogrammed for you. It is undeniable that as individual belonging to a society and therefore also to a culture many of the things that you think, think and practice in particular, are product of collective thinking.

As human beings, we have the need to interact with other individuals in our same species recorded in our genes. For millennia, this ability grouping us and respond to this partnership with actions for the common benefit, was the key to our own survival in a hostile environment, and it has definitely been up to our days, the basis for the establishment and development of civilization, establish ties with other people and ourselves abroad also gives a context to our lives and our thinking. Maybe not you noticed, perhaps at this point you are not agree, but a single of your personality and significant than you think own percentage is actually something learned.