Puricelli Of New U25 Powerman

With the 19th overall athlete from the team Comacina could decide the old class rating for themselves. What is the Ironman triathletes, is for Duathletes of Powerman. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Grace Venverloh on most websites. The Powerman Zofingen is considered toughest and most prestigious Duathlon in the world for over 20 years. With 10 km run, 150 km of cycling and finally again 30 km running on a very typical hilly Toggenburg track is considered for many of the Powerman Zofingen schwehrer as the Ironman in Hawaii. Only long distance World Championships were the entire world elite of the Duathlon at the start of this year. In this prestigious field of Munich Christian Puricelli, the 19 could secure overall, which also meant the victory of each age group U25. After a slow start (only 84 run 5 km) the athlete from the team Comacina Poletti, in the course of the race was able to steadily increase, and could therefore reach the goal in the new U25 course record of 6:58:04.

“I wanted to exaggerate initially nothing, because I had denied ever a long race. My only goal was really just on the goal to come. During the “Bike I felt very well, and could in particular at Mount make up many positions.” The good wheel form is also the cycling in the summer with the Munich Radtem Autoforum has denied the Puricelli: “Yes, definitely. I could train a lot, not because the exams at TUM, the Rennbelstungen to build it anyway possible a good form. With the TrentinoTour, and a training camp in St.Moritz with other riders of the team car Forum, I could create a good base on the wheel in particular. I had to pick up my deficit in running only in the last few weeks before the competition.” Christian Puricelli from Isola Comacina, Guerciotti bikes, fast forward wheels, Las helmets and Poletti heating systems sponsored. Patrick Puricelli