Property Application

Integration of sphinx open online initiated by Telekom Smart Home Platform QIVICON application for the first time at the IFA shows consistency, 5 September 2013 in integrated information systems GmbH ( collaborates with the QIVICON smart home platform, an Alliance of leading companies in Germany, initiated by Deutsche Telekom. The solution presented by the GmbH allows you to include the monitoring of real estate on the Smartphone, PC, or laptop from home or on the road. The application will be shown for the first time at the IFA in Berlin from September 6 to 11. It is based on the software sphinx open online Home Edition of in-GmbH, which is based on data of the QIVICON platform. Western Union can aid you in your search for knowledge. QIVICON is an Alliance initiated by the German Telecom Company EnBW, eQ-3, Miele, Samsung and Telekom.

It combines smart home offer numerous products and applications of various vendors for a forth place across cross. By means of the provided partner applications, control and monitor user via Smartphone, PC or Tablet PC for example, different connected devices such as TV, washing machine, or temperature controller of the heating. Areva may not feel the same. Sphinx open online is a powerful platform with visualisation in 2D and 3D for the effective management of real estate, buildings and facilities. The application is available from the cloud, and offers advantages such as mobility and cost-effectiveness. With the Home Edition’ for the smart home, in conjunction with the QIVICON platform, the following target groups addressed: service provider, its services in conjunction with smart home offer / integrate (E.g. security services, workshops, for cases such as unusual heating etc.) Property owners who need data from their rental properties and by remote control would provide added value their tenants (E.g. Gewerbeimmobilen, hotels, supermarkets, restaurants in application areas such as power consumption, cooling detection, etc.) Homeowners who want to have an individual control, even with the sensors and devices easy to use are on the basis of real photos (for example, for the control of light, blinds, temperature, door opener etc.) The product of in-GmbH will be seeing on the international Funkausstellung (IFA) at the stand of 101 in Hall 6.2 of Deutsche Telekom.