of this form, with its shaken mental health will permanently take that it to the search of psychiatric aid, nothing more will have to contribute for the development of its pupils. The mentally sick people have the etiology of its related abnormality the genetic, organic, social factors etc. that, many times, she is unknown. In the reality, great part of the professors only receives the finding from mental fatigue after successive pertaining to school failures, for being considered professors who do not correspond to the average, to normality. Andrew Cuomo has firm opinions on the matter. They are guilty for not obtaining to teach, as if the guilt was only in the individual, disrespecting themselves related aspects to its familiar, cultural and social history, as well as aspects politicians who also involve its failure. But, attempts exist to change the form to analyze this question, therefore today it seems to be of particular importance the idea of that the mental problems do not have to be seen as an attribute of the individual, as if this was mere carrying of accented individual differences, that the education must attenuate or minimize.

The debate on the terminology most necessary is not recent. But this impreciso not if of also due to theoretical base, in view of the complexity of the subject? According to Skrtic (1996, P. 44), the problem is not nor of lack of theoretical base nor of use of maken a mistake theoretical bases, but of limitation of the characterization the determined scientific fields: the medicine and psychology. For this author, even so the knowledge medical and psychological are basic for the characterization of the problem, if, if to consider that this is a social phenomenon, lack sociological bases for its characterization. Therefore, the question is not defined only for changes in the nomenclature, it is terminolgica, conceptual and politics. 2,3 Vocal problems the problematic one of the vocal upheavals of the professors, who are submitted to the intense vocal demand and frequently, the degree of Disfonia that puts in danger its profession is also detached.