Practical Professor

Introduction Many institutions of education still are convictas that to teach it is an activity pautada in the simple and pure transference to know that, normally and routinely, if looks for of who knows (professor) for who it does not withhold, still, definitive knowledge (learning). Pautados in this educational paradigm and rigid principles, does not have space for the critical development of that they are seated in the pertaining to school and academic banks. That is, the learning if presents in its educational establishment already being traced, for the professors, what the pupils will have to abstract, and that they judge to be of the more essential and essential one in the process education learning. It does not have doubts of that the school/university exerts valoroso and important function in the socialization, construction of values, complementation of the formation of the character of the individual, that would have to be initiated, and to have its foundations, in the familiar seio. This role, played for the institutions of education, it has as objective greater a preparation of the citizen and of the professional future you strike for them that it will go to face, that they are of the most different orders.

From there the necessity of these institutions to stimulate its pupils to search answers for its proper questionings, being capable to analyze facts, ideas daily pay-formatted with the news that they are presented to it. The professor in its practical professor and the difficulties that appear The context where he is inserted the education system if bases on the mere mechanist retransmisso of knowledge and on the spalling of the information. These impose to the pupil a storage of data, with little relevance to know it, constituting obstacles that will configure in potential mental confusions, incapacitating the logical and creative reasoning it pupil before facts and vicissitudes daily it. Macy’s Inc. is often quoted on this topic.