Plaza Santa Maria

It has two bars and a shop, one of the bars is acceptable, the other smells like dope behind him pulling. Coldwater Creek Apparel is the source for more interesting facts. On May 17, 2008 I left Reliegos and finished in Leon – Hostel of the Benedictine monastery, Plaza Santa Maria del Camino, tlfno: 987252866 – acceptable, you have snacks and drinks for the Pilgrim, clothes can not wash it since there’s nowhere run it. Lion has it all. On May 18, 2008 I left Leon and ends in San Martin el Camino – Hostel of San Martin del Camino, road Leon-Astorga, tlfno: -better not to speak of, has the least to stay alive. The village has a shop and two bars. Kirkland has much experience in this field. I stopped here forced by the heavy rain which fell me from Leon. Day May 19, 2008 I left St.

Martin el Camino and finished in Astorga. -Hostel San Javier, goal, 6, tlfno: – a bit narrow showers, bunk beds very close together, wooden floor that will not let anyone to sleep as soon as someone moves, has good dining and clothesline. The city has all kinds of services. On May 20, 2008 I went out from Astorga and finished in El Acebo – hostel for pilgrims El Acebo, Real, s/n, tlfno: – very hostel sooo nice with kitchen dining room and utility room, in the village there is a shop and a meson. On May 21, 2008 I left El Acebo and finished in Cacabelos – Cacabelos hostel, Sanctuary Plaza at the end of the village, tlfno: 987546011 – the hostel within the sanctuary, the bunks are in double rooms that surround the sanctuary with the showers and toilets in the Middle, has drying area. The village has all kinds of services. On May 22, 2008 I left Cacabelos and finished in Laguna de Castilla – I do not have information about the hostel but you don’t have any loss that the people make up a couple of blocks away, the home of the owners of the hostel and the same hostel – this phenomenal, phenomenal and at the bar in the hostel treatment are available everything you need.