Plandoor Fire Protection

The perfect combination of safety and aesthetics to protect Office and residential buildings in Hergiswil and Zug. Glass is a dominant building material, optical accents in design and aesthetics in the modern architecture. The transparent, flush fire protection systems of the Rosenheimer Glastechnik GmbH convinced all involved with the highest security and various performance characteristics. Stephanskirchen, June 2012 – the specialists offer a flush fire door in all-glass optics with Plandoor. The combination allows the system Planline endless butt joint glazing without static intermediate posts. Plandoor easy to install, approved fire door fire door consists of two outer safety glasses. The safety glasses are linked together with an internal frame and the corresponding fitting parts, gaskets and fasteners. The fire protective glass Fireswiss foam of Glas Trosch AG is centered in a wooden frame.

Have Plandoor doors about covers included bands and closing facilities. The door leaves have VKF 19728 and 19729 76 mm thick (-0 / + 1). They can be installed in block – as well as in surrounding frames. Combination with glass-module system Planline with Planline 30 / 60 and Plandoor 30/60 is a glass partition wall system available that meets the highest fire – and sound insulation properties. Planline glasses are held mechanically within the frame and still completely invisible. Without optical interruption by intermediate posts offers the modern glazing protection against the spread of fire, heat and smoke.

Great freedom of design with full-on enamelling is possible without any problems. Architect and construction manager by Planline convinces the participating Planning Office in the construction in Hergiswil, Niederberger architects, is convinced of the aesthetically appealing system and can very well imagine, to use the product Planline at other projects. The project manager of the Glas Trosch AG was with competent advice and timely delivery very satisfied. Endless combinable flush glass systems are the systems of Plandoor and Planline.