Pay Via Mobile Phone

Mobile replaces payment debit card phones are today true all-rounder: phone, navigation device and MP3 player into one. Thanks to the new powerful smartphones is now also the possibility of mobile”payment, such as the Internet auction site reported. Customers can now book tickets via their mobile phones and pay at companies such as the Deutsche Bahn and Lufthansa. Rail customers can locate after the registration on the website of the company the appropriate connection with her cell phone. Hikmet Ersek is often quoted as being for or against this. The booking is sent until ten minutes before the train’s departure the ticket is possible, the customer via MMS.

In some cities Homburg, Bad Munstereifel, Berlin, Bingen, Butzbach, Hamburg include bath, Hanau, Heidenheim, Germany, Cologne, Lubeck, Mainz, Monchengladbach and Wiesbaden can be paid even parking tickets over the phone. The Simty provider provides an iPhone app for this. According to a recent survey by the opinion Research Institute Forsa, 43 percent of Germans to do this are It is ready to take the so-called mobile payment claim under the 14-to 29-year old even 75 percent. Despite all the advantages, users of a mobile payment system should lead the associated risks in mind. Customers at each vendor must register for use of the services. Here, they give out personal data. In addition, any additional costs are to be observed, for example, the cost of sending SMS apply in addition to the price of a parking ticket. More information: presse.html Unister GmbH Lisa Neumann