Rodriguez Robles

Has been doing a campaign with the name we want a subway in Guadalajara where requests the Government that I expanded the metro lines because it is useful within a city transport as seen in the cities of other countries such as United States or the vast majority of European countries. The Metro or Siteur (urban electric train system) covers 1 account with 19 stations running from North to South within the line and line 2 has 20 stations and runs East-West. On the other hand, it is Pre train which is like light rail and in fact circulates in your same lines only which is characterised by being a little more eco-friendly, with 26 units and Platform for disabled. A third line of the Guadalajara metro expansion is waiting but on February 29, 2008 he was unveiled a new means of transport that will be the Guadalajara macrobus or BRT and offers be a great means of transportation. The people behind the campaign want a subway in Guadalajara gave an analysis done for the State of Nuevo Leon where established that even though the initial investment of the BRT is less expensive that the extend the subway, the metro in the future promises more things than the Guadalajara macrobus. What is sought with this campaign is the proposal of the metro as the best answer to the problem of the means of transport in Guadalajara and basically ask the Government to do something for the city and its inhabitants. The important thing here is that the Government begin to not only worry about if not to act and implement their proposals for the improvement of the city as Guadalajara is continually growing and will not stop because of the inefficiency of their means of transport.

Sofia Conti Autor Day

How? Continue reading during the days following we were working with your mind, your spirit, in such a way that realized that was going to succeed because he had burnt the ships, following the story of the Conqueror of Mexico, Hernan cuts. Stories worse than him who had completed in millionaires, people with a lot less talent or with bankruptcy with numbers 6, 7, 8 or more figures that they were able to arise which bird Phoenix, and absolute perspective change were constant in those days. Yes, really a motivation and training of custom spirit work I did with him. Do you know what? From the moment that he became convinced that he could, he concentrated all his thoughts on what he would achieve in their abilities and talents, instead of the previous defeat, I knew there was no chance that fails. And so it was. He not only recovered all the investment that had been made and lost, but had tripled. And that was just the beginning of accelerated growth, constant, not only in their finances, but in all aspects of his life. We all have the potential of doing similar things, only that We concentrate on what we have not, in the shortage (physical, mental and spiritual).

For example, if you want to lose weight: you don’t go all the time in the fat that you are, everything you ate, all diets that failed before, everything that you like to eat, the impossible which is controlling you, etc, etc, etc. Without wanting to, you are giving your mind the material with which you live day to day. Do you think that it is possible to lose weight as well? What would happen if you give him a perspective different from the situation? Doesn’t mean you’re going to be a positivist silly (as I call them I) than are those who are setting fire and still insist I do not burn, I don’t burn, everything is peace, all is love, but positive royalists: today I had an unexpected result or junk but that I won’t leave on the road: I will concentrate on my goalI’m going to trust my talent, I’m going to raise every time need to be but I will achieve this! It is no secret that this is the attitude of any winner. You, what place you want to be? Do with what kind of thoughts you feed your mind each day? I invite you to that if you also have any comment, reflection or critique that can complete my answer, or want to share something with me or with other subscribers, that you place it under this article.

Photographic Film

Robert Burley Canadian chemist and NXEL GROVE photographer has documented the dismantling of the large factories of Kodak, Agfa and Polaroid. Radical and irrevocable photography paradigm shift has occurred in just ten years, and the author writes an obituary on the death of the chemical film. The disappearance of darkness book collects images of demolitions with explosives factories and the abandonment of family businesses developing and printing of photos. It is a book devoted to drafting, with words and images, an obituary on the death of photography as we knew it until only ten years ago. The radical and irrevocable paradigm shift of the art of obtaining, processing and copying images has been fulminating: digital photography has defeated and virtually erased from map to traditional techniques based on the chemical film in just ten years, says the author.

Robert Burley, area coordinator of photography in the Faculty of Arts of image of Ryerson University in Toronto (Canada), is the author of the melancholy farewell. Conveniently, has given the physical book, analog The Dissappearance of Darkness: Photography at the End of the Analog Era (the disappearance of darkness: the picture at the end of the analog era). It just came out of the printing press and publishing house Princeton Architectural Press distributes it. Touch, smell, moved the author, who is also a well-known photographer dedicated to the study of the relationships between nature, architecture and cities, acknowledges in the preface of the work all over for analog photography. It is clear that the dark, chemical and physical type of photography that I lived during the first half of life will not survive until the second. My experience taking photographs, which involved not only see, but also to touch, smell and move around dark rooms with trays full of chemical baths and safety lights, extinguished. It has been replaced by instruments electronic, that allow me to, although some would say that they oblige me, manipulate intangible data on a bright screen, it adds.

Nursing Care

Anthropology in nursing the role played by culture in the process health-disease and more specifically in the context of Anthropology from nursing care is essential. We are immersed in a prism of multicultural societies in which it is essential rethinking situations of care and therapeutic processes and incorporate new approaches, both own and other disciplines. Anthropological knowledge and its method, can help the discipline of nursing address and illustrate the situations of optimal care, finding its true. All human behavior is covered with a significance that goes beyond one’s person. We know that the study of culture provides the keys to these behaviors, as different and varied as existing cultures.

Activities of the care or maintenance of life and health-disease States can not be separated in a category apart. Care is a social and cultural phenomenon, a social and human science that requires preparation, knowledge, research and above all experience of work in situ, with the sick. Take care is to put hard work, diligence, attention and availability. Cannot offer a good quality in nursing practice if communication is poor, for which this is an aspect to take into account from the outset by any health professional. Everyone would learn to communicate clearly, with delicacy and affection with patients, their families and colleagues. It is important that they are encouraged to seek the solution to real problems and that assimilate information designed to promote skills, not only on the application of new knowledge, but also at the empathic communication with patients and from an anthropological perspective. From the outset, it is necessary that health professionals know to evaluate all the aspects concerning the sociocultural community in which we operate. All health workers as a human being has to assume its role alongside the sick person in the moments that this requires your support to maintain its stability emotional before the various events that occur, and for this reason must be aware that one of their main obligations is to find time to talk with patients and deepen in the psychosocial aspect and anthropological.

Get a New Orca

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Accumulation Process

The accumulation process gains new rhythm and localization of the activities most income-producing if becomes more selective. A region is, in the truth, lcus of determined functions of the total society at a given moment. But, for the fact of that, in the past, the same phenomenon if produced, preceding the space divisions of the work had created, in the respective area, diverse fixed instruments of work ace orbits of the productive process, which if comes to join new necessary instruments of work to the activities new and renewed current. The region if would define, thus, as the result of on possibilities to a certain presence, in it, of fixed capitals exerting determined paper or determined functions techniques and of the conditions of its economic functioning, given for the net of relations above indicated. One can be said that it has a true dialectic between both these concrete factors, influencing and modifying the other. Thus, the regional one would be given accurately by forms, considered, however, as forms techniques, except if already they do not function, never leave of being carrying of a content, that is, of a on reception system to the internal logic of firms or institutions and that resistncias to the logic amplest, of general, national nature.

The penetration, in the field, of the forms most modern of the capitalism leads the two complementary results. Of a side, new geographic objects if create, establishing a new structure technique, of another one, the proper structure of the dumb space. Assignments such as urban region or agricultural zone gain a new content. In an area where the organic composition of the capital is raised, where amount and quality of the roads favor the circulation and the exchanges, where the proximity of a great city and the productive and space specialization lead the complementation, the field if it industrializes, becomes object of advanced relation of capital, clearly distinct of that they have place in the traditional agricultural regions in such a way, how much in that, being modern, are distanciadas of the developed urban areas more. What it would distinguish the urban region and the agricultural region will not be more the functional espacializao, but the amount, the density and the multidimension of the relations kept on the respective space. The opposition notion city-field becomes, in this manner, change, to give to place to the complementaridade notion and its exercise on a portion of the space.

Without a doubt, the total space of a country is solidary, therefore to complement. Here, however, one is about cooperation to an inferior scale, that is, to the scale of the immediate process of the production and/or consumption.

Frieddrich Nietzsche

Nicholas Maquiavel considered the founder of science politics and, according to some, field never was surpassed. Jean Jaques Rousseau and was in favor of the natural laws regulation of the economic relations and the societies would be constructed on the basis of the free will and in the firmed contractual relations between the men. John Loker defended the idea of the resultant society of the free association between individuals endowed with reason and will that, as Rossoeau, would have a contractual base; Adam Smith perceived that the collective was much more of what the addition of the individuals that composes; Francis Bacon fought for the search of new and the return the reality; Franois Marie studious Arouel of the social and religious transformations; Ludwig Feuerbach privileged the necessity human being of the religious and magical thought; Frieddrich Nietzsche in turn fought for the democracy of the Roman Empire; Charles Montesquieu the equality of conditions between individuals and society. Auguste Comte nailed the positivismo; Emile Durkheim of the division of the social work the rules of the sociological method; Marx Weber declares that she does not have opposition between individual and society: the social norms if only become concrete when they are disclosed in each individual under the motivation form; Karl founding Marx of the International of the Laborers or the First International, economic normatizaes, studious Association in Philosophy in favor of the capitalism main theory the more-value and Maslow with theory of the necessities, that is, the man always wants to consume more. Being of great aid as excessively the theoreticians for the economic and social development. In the Anthropology studious already cited above as Max Weber and Durkheim it studies elements that judged the social life and deciphering the meanings and mechanisms that establish connection thought and action. Intelligence is distinguished from the instinct for its flexibility, since the answers in accordance with vary the situation and also of animal for animal Therefore, a useful gesture does not have sequence and it does not acquire the meaning of an experience properly said.

Europe Equipment

These last ones can be a little more faces by the downtimes. Very important it is also the confidence that offers the salesman and the product to you. Ten in account that in Internet offers nonoriginal equipaciones of soccer. They are cheaper but they have multitude of disadvantages: weaves of bad quality that fade and itch, do not traspiran (what it makes sweat and that you asphyxiate to the others when the East the arms to celebrate the goal of your equipment), usually they have remarkable failures as the logo of the sport mark, the shield of your equipment, the numbers, There is one who considers a lack of respect to the equipment to wear a miserly, faded t-shirt and with remarkable failures, that she causes that some fans seem until of another equipment. That best one not to take the colors of your equipment. The soccer store where you are going to also buy you must inspire confidence.

It must be a site online that to you the possibility offers of contacting with them by means of chat, electronic mail, telephone, etc. that allow you to consult or to protest on any doubt which you can have, and in addition in your language. We are people and we like to deal with people, so the ideal is that behind the Web there is one or several people. Another important aspect with respect to the purchase of t-shirts is that they offer return guarantee to you. According to the Spanish legislation the term of 4 days exists to give back the product if some deficiency is observed, and up to 30 days for hidden vices (things that are not seen at first). Therefore that a salesman offers to you this is all a guarantee. A sport store of more reliable in Spain it is created by Alexander Ramon, where you will be able to find all the t-shirts of the equipment of the soccer league, as well as those of the Spanish Selection.

It is specialized in soccer t-shirts, reason why besides those of the league and the selection, also you will find those of the great equipment of Europe and selections of the World-wide one. The fans to basket also have their section. It is really a store very easy to sail to find any equipacin that you look for, and he offers all the guarantees to you as far as shipment and modes of payment that we have commented previously. In addition they accept returns without questions, is only requested that the t-shirt is in perfect conditions, as was received, and that the put label still has. Chat is very useful that there is available in the own Web, by means of which you will be able to contact directly with a person, in real time, so that it solves any doubt or consultation that you have. Also you can contact to them by email. All the equipaciones of soccer they are of maximum quality, original and of the official mark, reason why you will have the absolute security and confidence to have a t-shirt that you will enjoy during long time and you will shine with pride. And if you want to be informed on all the new features on the equipaciones into soccer, presentations, and other related subjects of interest, it visits blog of elutillero.


Saudosista, I? When finishing the college of medicine in Saint Maria, I changed pra Porto Alegre, to attend a course specialization in psychiatry for the UFRGS and to make residence in the Pinel Clinic. It was a radical change in my life. After living 22 years with my parents and brother, I came to live alone and to face an unknown situation. It thought with constancy about my city and the homesicknesses made nest in the trigger souvenirs, serving to open a trunk of varied sensations. That homesickness of the streets flooded after rains and of the trees that balanced moved for the Wind North, so characteristic. Homesickness I smell of it of rubbers, wooden pencil and tables of the college Santana, where I studied since the four years. Without speaking in the aroma of the foods that they before exhaled exactly to enter in house, done for my mother in the stove the firewood, waited that me. I remember the past because taste to remember the tranquillity that reigned in the city of the interior.

Assaults? Rare. Colleagues, friends and family, with the certainty of that they were mine. Thus also inesquecveis the strolls after the lessons, parading in the first call square, where the youngsters waited in them flirt with for it traditional. They used to advantage to look at our legs, discovered for the wind, that raised skirts. To tardinha we congregated in them in coreto of the square, where a band if showed seeming to touch alone for me. There, the tricks of hide-hide, money market and as much other infanto-youthful ones made our joy. The television arrived well later of what in the capital. Poor times in technology and computer science, but the leisure valued in personal relations, practical of sports, and much colloquy in the familiar meeting.

Here, alerted for the assault risks, having this occurrence with me in the first week of residence, leaving the clinic where it made plantes. Gradeados houses and buildings and with high walls. The locked families from fear the robberies, while in Saint Maria, the people were of opened door, seated in chairs in the sidewalk, congregating themselves the neighbors to debate points of view, and same for fofocas. I feel an emotion when writing on yesterday of a city, its places, the familiar known ones and that are not more there. I lose myself in the past, as to many I make it times in the gift. Leaving to lead me for the saudosismo, she would all change to the progress and the comfort of a capital, for the simple life of a past, nor so distant. The act to write on it means to recriar. It is a form that meeting to be in peace with what I will have for the front and what was stops backwards. Saudosismo, a permanent attitude that considers that the past best, having more sincerity between the people, greater creativity and much more security that in the gift, moved for the globalization and the cybernetics. I only moved of city. I continue the same saudosista of always. I look for to leave stops backwards what it must be left, but I lead in me, everything and all that had been with me. The awareness implies in losses and reencontros that occur as many times in our lives. Saudosista, I? Saudosista was Fernando Person with as much faith in the sebastianismo, in full century XX.

So Paulo

… In such a way, creates a new concept of marketing quetrabalha the necessity to review the question of the productive process desenvolvidoatravs of the modern technology as for the provisionamento of estruturase technologies guided for the marketing, that will be compatible with the equilbrioecolgico, allowing ample convenience, use of not pollutant resources, recycling of materials, replanejamento of products, expansion of the technology derecuperao and recycling of industry and consumption debris. Many companies attract consumers with its participation emprodutos of the green lines, understood as developed to be menosprejudiciais and more friends of the environment. This social trend also is umfenmeno of the marketing, that is giving to space the appearance of a new segment green deconsumidores. These consumers now are worried not only to emsatisfazer its current necessities, being worried also in protecting meioambiente, compelling the companies to adaptarem this new form to understand omarketing to it. According to publication of the Magazine Time. So Paulo: Maro.2008 -. Weekly.

It buys Green, the research of the Akatu institute, disclosed that 74%de the Brazilians want to buy products that do not degrade the Oinstituto environment are responsible for the first national surveys on relaoentre consumption and the social and ambient responsibilities of the companies. ' ' Queera a market niche today is one exigncia' ' , it affirmed the director of the Akatu, Mattar Helium (TIME, 2008) For Vaz (2000, P. 343), the ecological marketing apresentacaractersticas of the Marketing of Ideas and of Image, in its appearance with omarketing of ideas, it evidenced the formation of groups of defenses of meioambiente, with great ideological apelos. In relation to the image marketing, its influence in the credibility and of the possible preference is distinguished dosconsumidores face to the ecologically correct products, thus improving the imageminstitucional and a marketing chance. The ecological marketing consists of the practical one of all inherent aquelasatividades to the marketing, however incorporating the ambient concern, and with this he is not simply restricted to the ecological propaganda, however, ideal that the companies adopt an attitude communication, divulging what elastm developed to benefit the environment.