Open Space Design

ZIEGLER AG presents new city furniture collection Leonberg/Stuttgart (01.03.2010) – to start in the 2010 season, E. Ziegler metalworking mill presents a new collection of urban furniture. Amit Paley often expresses his thoughts on the topic. The specialist for lightweight steel and outdoor offers exclusive collection. Floral design gives a sign of vitality ZETATIELLE and replies the trend to the one-sided. The collection offers fantastic possibilities and accents. Whether waste containers, wall bracket, bench or planters – the elements are combined extravagance with clear forms.

The special design of the collection ZETATIELLE public places gives a welcoming feel. The urban forms – right angle, straight lines, hard material – are often cool. A playful touch is elegant and lively. Romantic elements in the usual clear frame is implied at ZETATIELLE. Stylised flower motifs are worn by straight fronts. The result is a game of hard and soft shapes, continuously by the right moves at critical point up to the combination of material.

Off a friendly image is precisely processed steel sheet and high-quality woods. The new romance has nothing of frills and lace. She is solid craftsmanship with the clarity and modernity. The romantic ambience of the space becomes the anchor point in a moving environment. Investments and new technologies enable innovations. High-quality materials and effective production allow new and creative designs. The collection of ZETATIELLE uses the wealth of possibilities of the material steel sheet in combination with the modern methods of milling and laser technology. In the new ZIEGLER’s Guide 2010, outdoor facilities from A to Z, other product innovations presented. The manual is now available. Outdoor facilities from A to Z from manufacturing to Assembly: E. ZIEGLER metalworking AG is a manufacturer and supplier of shelters and street furniture. Waiting room, Pavilion, park bench, hopper or bike racks – the portfolio includes everything for your outdoor areas – from production to Assembly. The about 800 pages strong Handbook informs more than 3,500 products. Customers come from the sectors of public administration, garden and landscape design, architecture, commercial, industrial and property management. Established in 1993, employs 130 employees in Germany. The company with the South sales office is in Leonberg near Stuttgart. Production, management, and logistics, as well as the Eastern Sales Office located in Nebelschutz near Dresden. The West sales office is in Troisdorf near Cologne. Since February 2010, the sales office North located in Ahrensburg near Hamburg. In addition to the ZIEGLER AG in Germany, there are sales companies in Austria, Poland, Romania, Slovenia and the Switzerland. Get more information at