New York Times Magazine

The Scent Notes, notes on the world of perfumes, are already a classic of The New York Times Magazine, the prestigious American newspaper New York Times Magazine. By these scented notes parade legendary fragrances, curiosities, new releases and top perfumers. Every fragrance is thoroughly analyzed and labeled under labels revealing, such as transcendental, classic or forgettable. And each year, the publication selects the best perfume, or the best among all launched during the preceding twelve months. Recently, however, Scent Notes did not want to wait for end of the year and decided to publish their top 6 (5 or 10) of feminine fragrances with little time in the market, or forthcoming, with the invaluable quality of surprise. A virtue that, in a market oversaturated by permanent pitches, is simply irresistible. And those elected were: 6. Beauty by Calvin Klein.

According to the publication, Beauty is located in the Antipodes of the iconic CK One and his Ode to the ambiguity: a female fragrance 100%, velvety, Golden, bright and floral without restraint. Women in the bottle. 5 Infusion d Iris eau de toilette, Prada. In contrast to the luxurious, opulent presence of the root of the iris of the Chanel No.19, traditional Italian firm bets on a minimalist, pure and sensory version of the same essence. Presented as a journey by Italy, not a perfume by its creators, Infusion d Iris clothes to its main note with accents of Mandarin of Sicily, mastic and orange blossoms. 4 Bliss, Bliss: for New York Times Magazine, this unusual fragrance perfectly recreates the relaxing atmosphere of a spa, between accents of lemon and granada that evoke the sensation of softness and humidifying, cleaning and vapour from the environment. 3 Essence of Narciso Rodriguez: If For Her, the best seller of designer perfume, us diving in a Midsummer night’s magic sensuality, Essence happens in summer too, but in full light of day.

And it evokes the irresistible attraction of the skin tanned between notes of iris delicately floured. 2 Womanity, Thierry Mugler: a controversial, beloved and hated perfume with equal intensity, which has managed to seduce Scent Notes thanks to his heart changing, so powerful as intriguing and ambiguous. 1 Eau Claire des Merveilles from Hermes: Jean Claude Ellena does it again. In this case, adding to the delicacy of the floral drawing of the beautiful Eau des Merveilles a breath of unpublished and creamy freshness. Six names to remember, six fragrances to take into account. When was the last time that a perfume managed to surprise us? The answer may be: today.