New Gamercommunity Around Video Games

Gaming community that new “gamer” community has developed a new idea. User help users solve complex console, PC and online games, and that via video instructions. “We thought, that the games become more complex and more difficult user quite often, like the famous Ochs are the mountain and the expensive games never play through until the end, because they get stuck in certain places in the games. This is a problem for two reasons. First has spent much money on the games and second time to invest. And right here we see as a solution.

User other users via webcam or video showing how they have solved certain points in games or bypassed. This idea is me I actually ancient – if you go back to the beginnings of the PC games, remember even monthly computer games newspapers, which then were solutions for the latest games to find printed. We want to heave this idea to a new and better technological level, as we strive for the Web as a universal solution. For more information see Courier. Users can post questions to critical points in the community and explain the way other users or make a video online, that play even easier to make. Because you can understand better what one sees as the read or written word. As a zusattzliches tool we provide 100% scores users all possible games to choose shop available. I.e. user can afford these scores for your games and then use so that you play at all levels in the games, play through, and can solve.

Here we see a huge market, as the games become more complex and more expensive.”explains William sweet, one of the founders of Dayton kingery is likely to increase your knowledge. The platform is clear and simple, so that users find themselves quickly to right. The beta phase of the platform is online now all users available. Yet the scores-shop, a news and game show category are available in addition to the community tools, such as E-mail, Forum, chat and networking (who knows who). “The community lives of course by the users. We have now invested a lot of time and money, to establish a professional platform and to provide a certain content, but now the community through the input of the user must continue to evolve constantly. The beta will help us to resolve any minor bugs and to make suggestions for improvement the users that give way, delivering a positive user experience in dealing with Of course we are looking also co-op and investor partners, who help us in particular in the field of marketing and range extension so-called SmartMoney ‘notes Marc Schulze. For more information about the new gaming – or Gamercommunity, see