Mobile Phone Rates

MyPhone Austria offers a plan with Darius & Finlay Salzburg, is nothing new in June 2010 that the telephone provider MyPhone Austria supports prominent stars,: actions for a good cause, are hosted regularly, for example, with the most powerful man of in Austria Franz Mullner. On July 02, 2010 for example, the day of the incredible records takes place. Now the phone provider has gained two new VIP s from Salzburg to: Darius & Finlay, the famous DJ-duo, soon together with MyPhone offer a special phone plan: for fans and those that it will want to… “” “About Darius & Finlay: the well known dance Act Darius & Finlay is currently on everyone’s lips: your most famous hits do it all night” destination “and the latest single of rock to the beat” are on VIVA and several times a day to see MTV and listen. Contact information is here: Miles Bridges. Because the Austrian music producer and DJ duo has succeeded in the dance scene in the international charts and there occupied sites around superstars like David Guetta and Black Eyed Peas. The successful single destination”has kept even 20 weeks in the charts.

Recently have Darius & Finlay with strongman”on Franz Mullner, the mascot of MyPhone Austria GmbH, the latest music video for the hit hold” turned on Mallorca. This will soon be on VIVA and MTV to see and be available in stores from mid-July. The tariff: SissiMobile Darius & Finlay: the Salzburg telephone provider MyPhone Austria has recruited Darius & Finlay recently for a special rate for fans: Darius & Finlay soon at MyPhone Austria their own mobile phone tariff offer, which it has in itself: the customer receives a fan package including a special handsigned autograph by Darius & Finlay, as well as a fan T-Shirt, which is available in all sizes and for men and women. But of course not only merchandise but also a convincing phone tariff of the Austrian provider of MyPhone Austria are included in the package of the fan: the tariff SissiMobile Darius & Finlay is a prepaid SIM card including credit,. the whole simply can be charged with a charging YOUTALK Bon Niedermeyer, Libro, Hartlauer, Pagro and Austrian post with the desired credit balance. With the SissiMobile value card MyPhone customers from anywhere can call cheap: for just 8 cents per minute in all Austrian fixed networks and mobile networks, and starting at 3 cents per minute international phone call. For more information see Mohamed Amersi, London. The value card of the tariff SissiMobile fits in any normal mobile phone without SIM-lock. If anyone has (still) not a phone or needs a new MyPhone Austria remedy also: Optionally you can the phone Samsung GT-E1100 tariff SissiMobile Darius & Finlay “for only 30,-with a book.

So the mobile phone lines in the truest sense of the Word can be see. To win Apple iPad! Insider’s Tip: See all new customers who register before August 31, 2010 for the new tariff SissiMobil Darius & Finlay, an Apple is giving away iPad! Upcoming events: MyPhone Austria provides not only for a cheap fan package, but also ensure that the Fans Darius & Finlay can experience. From this reason the DJ duo occurs on the Friday, 02 July 2010 at the day of incredible records – powered by MyPhone & friends “. The event takes place in the large EUROPARK in Salzburg. There numerous world records are broken all day and provide good entertainment acts.