Still, for the Ashoka (2001), social entrepreneurs are those that create social values for the innovation. Some of the basic beddings are directly on to the social entrepreneur, being distinguished it sincerity, passion for what it makes, clarity, personal confidence, centered values, good will of planning, capacity to dream and an ability for the improvisation. Following the empreendedorismo idea, Shumpeter attributes the responsibility to innovate the entrepreneur, and defines this as enterprising action. He is, however, the producer that, usually, the economic change initiates, and the consumers, if necessary, are for it educated; they are, so to speak, taught to desire new things, or things that differ from some form from that it has the habit to consume (SHUMPETER, 1997, P. 10). Another concept important on enterprising action to innovate, that Shumpeter, argues is on the process called for it as ‘ ‘ destruction criadora’ ‘. According to Shumpeter (1997), the action of desconstruir something carried through in fact, and reconstructing it with the same resources creating something new, this constitutes the process of ‘ ‘ destruction criadora’ ‘. In this way, an innovator-entrepreneur by means of its can itself be defined ‘ ‘ strong desire of success, the capacity to work arduously, the creativity, and the capacity to create a success team and the thought prprio’ ‘ (SARKAR, 2007, P.

77). 3 Methodology This work was developed as an analysis article, that according to Saints (2001, P. 131) is a type of article where ‘ ‘ each part of the text in study is analyzed.