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Saarland/Saarbrucken even the retail need more the desires of the buyer prepare for Saarland/Saarbrucken also the retail needs is more to the wishes of the buyer set to the restraint of many customers and counteract customers to. As it is ordered to the kindness of sellers and sellers and the satisfaction of their customers in Saarbrucken, the marketing has identified MF Institute consulting in a regional customer mirror. (Similarly see: Xoom). Within this market research study assessed 910 representative selected customers from Saarbrucken and the surrounding seven car repairers from Saarbrucken: VW & Audi of large klos, Mercedes, Opel Dechent, BMW subsidiary, Toyota car world, Peugeot Saarpfalz Valley Branch and Renault Retail Group subsidiary. Recently COSCO sought to clarify these questions. Asked after the satisfaction with the experience, quality of work and the subjectively perceived value for money from the customer point of view. It was as a result of the 3rd Saarbrucken customer mirror Establishment of Renault retail group Saarbrucken test winner and won the 1st place in the overall standings as well as in each individual ranking in customer satisfaction. I am happy about this result and am proud of my staff, whose Bemuhungen are rewarded during the last two years this”Thomas Glasel (Managing Director) commented on the test victory. The test results of Renault retail group Saarbrucken: Examined: seven car repairers of average degree of satisfaction: 89.5%, rank 1 friendliness: 95.1%, 1st quality work: 89.0%, rank # 1 price/performance ratio: 84.5%, 1st customer survey: 08/2008 fault tolerance: +/-3.2% N (garages) = (total) 623 n = 910 of 3rd Saarbrucken customer level is performed by: MF consulting Dipl.

kfm. Dieter Garrett T. 09901-948601 H. Renault retail group Saarbrucken GmbH Thomas Glasel Wiesenstrasse 8 66115 Saarbrucken T. 0681-400080 F.-0681-40008120 M. H. Agency: spring stone Kommunikation GmbH Dirk Schumacher Argelanderstrasse 108s 53115 Bonn t.

0228-9095310 F.-0228-9095311 H. of Renault retail group Saarbrucken: the Renault retail group Saarbrucken is a subsidiary of Renault retail group Germany. Renault retail group Germany: Renault retail group is the No. 1 of automotive trade groups in Europe. With round 15,000 employees in 12 countries, it assumes the successful marketing of the RENAULT and DACIA brands in the capitals and cities of Europe. In Germany the Renault is retail group in the cities of Hamburg, Berlin, Cologne, Frankfurt, Saarbrucken and Munich with a total of 12 car dealerships. The Renault retail group is a wholly owned subsidiary of Renault.