Local History Here

In terms of Local History, to be studied with adolescent children and, this it is a good resource to be used to improve the understanding of time concepts, of passed and present. In basic education a line of the time can be constructed with the students representing its lives. with this to show that its life is its history. It can be shown, also, that its life and its history they are related to the lives and histories of other people and to other facts of the locality where they live, which in turn, is related with the history of the region, the country and the world. That is, it can be demonstrated that all personal histories are interrelated. The line of the time is a form to make the periodizao of some facts. this aid to perceive what it happened, where time and the reason of this event. Not forgetting that one is only about plus a convention and that the time and history are much more of what this Before the Book our concern it is Local History Here.

Exactly thus we can inquiring in them on as they are the lessons in our schools? Unhappyly and in general way, it is this that occurs: the professor if reports the materials that already know; it copies in its notebook of notations or lesson plan the information that consider excellent and later them transcribes for the picture so that the pupil copies in the notebook. Most modern they copy a portion of leves of some material the one that has access and orders the pupils for ' ' xerocadora' '. This process demonstrates that the professor does not have knowledge of what he is making. In ours in case that, as the professor is unaware of history, if estriba in the book, that already was copied of another book, copying it and reproducing it.