Legislation Work

1 INTRODUCTION the desgastante modern industry brings a series of negative impacts to the health of the diligent classroom. For this reason, the Social Legislation comes through the law, to impose limits and rules of protection to the worker. Add to your understanding with Bitcoin. This subject is of extreme relevance to the diligent classroom manufacter, as well as the entrepreneurs, even though professional administrators and who act in the legal area of the work, in virtue to be the involved classrooms directly with the points in question. They are who must be cliente in this process of which its rights and duties before the law. The purpose of this everything is mainly, to alert the administrators so that they take the necessary measures demanded by the Legislation in its enterprises, since they need to guarantee the security and the physical and psychological integrity of its employees. What he is boarded, initially says respect to one brief historical evolution of the work until the present. After that, the quarrel is focada in the nexus between work health, leading in account the consuming that the modern industry prints the worker.

Finally, the way is analyzed for which the Social Legislation acts in the direction of protection to the worker, reducing this consuming. 2 the WORK AND the SOCIAL LEGISLATION the history of the man if confuse with the history of the work. Old, considered something with an activity of torture, by punishment, today the work took another meaning, the meaning of that brings dignity to the man. Adam Smith already said that the wealth of a nation was fruit of the work, or better, the more the work between the men was divided, greater will be this wealth. During the slavery times, the work was extremely dispendioso, did not have remuneration, worked hours and hours until the extreme limit of that body already badly fed, moreover, maltreatment, the precarizao of the work conditions led to low a life expectancy of the slaves.