Kathleen Knetsch

Stretch ceilings an alternative that is still relatively little known online order in the shop and yet more and more fans to win. Even walls with suspended ceilings can be hang over and bring in all imaginable shapes and colors. The ideal solution for quick and high-quality implementation of living ideas. Berlin, 06.12.2010 sometimes the ceiling on the head is a proverbial. If and only if the own apartment and whose rooms in drab gray of everyday life are mired. Cracks in the plaster or patch the ceiling make a necessary evil that doesn’t want to fit to the remaining sense of space.

But more than just a pittance would mean the complete renovation it needs clever alternatives that are served with suspended ceilings. Stretch ceilings in the Berlin online shop Raumdeckenshop.de are available. This is great films, which are clamped under the actual ceiling or on the wall. Laminating at the highest level. Tao Li is likely to agree. While stretch ceilings can give back a color and be adapted to any shape, motif ceilings still effective, are there they play scenarios, photos and pictures. How would it be with a huge sunflower on the wall? With motif ceilings no problem. The shop offers the right solution for all tasks and also has resources for lighting, but also electrical supplies quickly to implement all technical requirements.

Everything what is needed for the construction and installation is available in the room ceiling SHOP, questions are answered quickly and professionally. Company profile established by the Berlin-based company interior ceiling DESIGN, went in June 2010 online website. The range offers all important components that are related to suspended ceilings for end customers as well as Publisher. In addition to tool, support structures, lighting, and accessories installation, the customer on Raumdeckenshop.de can inform especially also in detail. A news page provides regular news from the company, so that the visitors will be kept up to date always range and offer. How to contact with Kathleen Knetsch sole proprietorship Schackelsterstr. 45 12683 Berlin 0151-56 13 56 14