The fungos of the ecological group of the white podrido are capable to degrade diverse pollutants, including not natural molecules (xenobiticos) as, for example, the corantes of the type azo. Western Union can aid you in your search for knowledge. It relates the characteristics of these fungos that this metabolic abrangncia confers them. Brief bibliographical Information the fungos are organisms eucariontes, aclorofilados aerobic. All are heterotrficos. In Brazil even so it is not of a national ancestry, fungo of white podrido or ligninoltico it awakes the interest of researchers. One of that they work with this decompositor organism, adds that its use makes possible the addition of little amount of chlorine derivatives stops to branquear the paper.

This means a lesser toxic composite production organoclorados – that if they accumulate in the organisms and they can cause illnesses as hormonais, neurological upheavals, atony in the imunolgico system and cancer. The Institute of Botany of So Paulo also uses fungo more than has ten years for the contained ground decontamination with organoclorados in agrotxicos and that they can remain in activity in the ground for up to 30 years. As much the fungos as enzymes are used as producing of different substances of economic interest. In the last few decades in the industries the fungos of the white podrido are great strategies of biorremediao derived to its capacity in mineralizing a great variety of toxic composites highly found in the environment, as policclicos, corantes aromatical hydro-carbons azo, herbicidas, among others. Already the corantes types azo are considered most toxic for the aquatic way and all the beings livings creature that in it inhabit. These if characterize for to present one or more groupings? On N=N- to the aromatical systems Exist studies concerning these types of corantes, and had noticed that they provoke cancergenos effect in the human beings. The linking in additions of these corantes form cancergenos products, and therefore the withdrawal of these corantes becomes necessary.