Indexed Site

Site indexing – one of the most important factors in promoting the resource. There are a lot of blogs, pages on this subject. There are a handful of books. But in such a large amount of information to understand complex. So I decided structured methods and techniques to improve your pages indexed sayta.Iz many ways one can identify two – an optimization within the site, as well as external promotion. These two methods can be divided into financial and free. To begin, consider the most pressing issue – it's free promotion.

It is based on your labor costs and then gradually move on to paid methods. And so: 1. You should create a 'sitemap' (Sitemap) Google for the xml of course. Coldwater Creek has plenty of information regarding this issue. This is a very mozhnosdelat having considered a lot of information, and you can order a freelancer, well, since we're talking about free methods then use / / which will generate a map fashu not more than 500 pages. To learn about the Google Sitemap you need zaregestrirovatsya site Goshi (the same as Google) as a webmaster, then in the user menu to download your Sitemap file to xml.

2. It is desirable to create a site map in one click from the main page of your site. 3. Sign up for Yandex and add their sites. 4. Zaregistrirute your sites to directories. You can do this yourself by hand, and with that automates your Allsubmitte process. That was one thing to buy base directories. 5. RSS-translation as a method of promoting and increasing the site is indexed efektiven.