In Genesis

On the other hand, there is great wisdom to recognize and take advantage of what technology can contribute in the implementation of the plans of divine timetable for humanity. Much more when the celestial calendar, there are few pages that fit human temporality. Theology and human temporality. It is impossible to remove the time factor of Bible studies, and provide adequate observation, a complete description, a proper explanation and therefore a real education of the message in it. The premise of the necessity of faith by studying the Scriptures includes accept and implement what it contains, without that which we find invalidate our reliance on its content.

Such is the case of omissions on the specifications or details of time is on their pages. Notwithstanding the foregoing, it is telling to note the role of the time element when it refers to the study and interpretation of sacred text. The time in the world Intra-biblical In Genesis we find the starting point for this part of eternity which corresponds to the temporality of the world and hence the human being, the first verse is inherently a statement of a time time is the start of it. Study or teach what the Bible contains means, scrutinize the man to pass from a state of independence of the effect of time, to a total conditioning to the latter. It also involves trying to identify and locate each event, event and actor within this process that is human history. Within its pages is the chronography the role played by individuals, cultures and nations in the temporary space allocated to this part of everything that exists.