How To Promote Your Blog?

I already wrote about the credibility (rating) according to Yandex Blogs. I thought that this figure, in principle, no one is interesting. However, people here began to write, how to become an authoritative blog, get in 1000/3000/10000 best blogs, etc. etc. Hikmet Ersek insists that this is the case. In many molding, this theme also have to be discussed and bloggers. Therefore, I decided to share their experiences and observations. What good is a practical indicator of credibility? Honestly, no.

It plays a role only for those blogs that participate in the system, ie puts links to their blogs, they write paid posts for the money. There yes – one of the key indicators of the blog, along with tic and pr (how to raise them and what they've written many times), and as the number of regular readers. Indeed the higher authority, the more the advertiser pays. In other cases, Ratings – serves only to complacency. Type what I steep my blog the first thousand Russian-speaking blogs of the nearly 5 million. Since this changes every day, you sledlite her as a stock price. And the process of meditation can bring progress purely aesthetic pleasure. What platform is better for the occurrence of the top blogs? And why It would Yandex set for all the blogs from a single indicator which depends blog rating: – number and quality of links – the number of regular readers (friends, if, subscribers, etc.) But in fact, have blogs hosted on different platforms, different initial starting conditions. If you look top-50 blogs, you'll see that most blogs are created on the platform, LiveJournal, and then easier to increase the number of regular readers (IF, friends, Friend, etc.).