Hartz IV In Retrospect

The dissatisfaction with the Agenda 2010 growing Hartz IV is the colloquial term for the ALG II, unemployment benefit II, which technically means basic security for jobseekers. It was introduced at the January 2005 in Germany and has replaced the existing right of the unemployment benefits. For more information see this site: Wondery. The unemployment benefit and social assistance were combined. While there are today still the Institute of social welfare, but a social relation requires that there is no earning capacity, i.e. the applicant must not be able to work at least 3 hours per day. Official site: dayton kingery. Hartz IV ensures the social subsistence level and EUR 351 plus heating costs for a single person at the time. Latest studies assume, that the economic subsistence level below. The charities, however, IV keep to low level the Hartz for much.

Hartz IV will, who is in need and has no own assets or income. It attacks the unemployment at the latest for a year especially for long-term unemployed, since Unemployment is paid. It is undisputed that children suffer when their parents are affected by Hartz IV.