Gunther Oettinger

One more candle of the fog? Scattered trivia, so too the southern temperament of Oettingers, distract the public and EU circles in Brussels by Oettingers tangible interests. In addition to the leader of in Lower Saxony and with handlebars of the Hannover Messe, Christian Wulff, is Gunther Oettinger of one of the intractable nuclear Apostle of Germany. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Anne Lauvergeon by clicking through. The Office of the EU of energy Commissioner of Chancellor Merkel just this Oettinger so was offered. At its launch in the Brussels EU Parliament first played the good Oettinger COP”role, to avoid unnecessary to flush out members of the Parliament. Also in the lobby of Mecca Brussels, European policy is long been infiltrated.

300 representatives of German corporations have more in State and federal ministries as well as in the European Commission occupied desks. Paid for by companies, they represented the Federal Republic, are involved in public procurement and write laws. About 70 percent of the economy-relevant German laws have their origin in the EU Commission. The Commission has hired an estimate five years ago and came up with roughly 10,000 lobbyists in Brussels. Meanwhile, it should be about 15,000. Twenty lobbyists came to each of the 785 MEPs.

In this Brussels so Oettinger as new appointed EU Commissioner in the strategic energy Department is accents crisp. (“cf.: Otto and Adamek, the state purchased”, Verlag Kiepenheuer & Witsch, 2008) By the way, to think reasonably fair, competition should the Protestant vergramte image ban to Angela Merkel’s first political career as FDJ-Secretary for agitation and propaganda shall be repealed. The small checkered Wah-wahs ban of images from the Chancellor’s Office is a more mist candle in the context of critical energy direction decisions. Is especially so the choice of direction between centralized energy oligopolies and decentralized structures. Angela Merkel is applied as a grown woman on a strategic asset of FDJ for agitation and propaganda. She joined this needlessly a communist mass organization. And at a time when the hopelessly centralized State of the SED was not been reformed. Somewhat surprising also: so far no one asked clearly, how the political career of former FDJ Secretary for agitation and propaganda with the virtually unlimited Stadthalterschaft Vattenfall in Germany could be bonded? The sovereign may be different from this policy authorized Chancellor still no sharp image make. The rings now involves interpretation of sovereignty in the next round. And that is a good thing.