Grundstoff.NET Launches With Its Own Brand Of SOLU

The online store now offers the first “own”green raw material in its range. The online shop Grundstoff.NET, which in putting together its range is limited to plain basic clothing, starts 18 months after its founding his own brand of SOLU. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from dayton kingery. Blank cotton classics such as T-Shirts, tshirts and sweatshirts are produced under this brand name in future. The beginning is made with an available now deep V Neck T-Shirt for men, the shirt features a deep V-neck and consciously products such as all new SOLU visible ornaments or logos. The T-Shirts are produced in Turkey, the factory where the shirts are committed itself to deal with no children involved to pay everyone in the production process workers about the local minimum wage. In addition, regulated working hours apply and it offered the workers a safer workplace in relation to their health. In the future should more SOLU T-Shirts, tops, hoodies and accessories such as Jersey of scarves added, and complement the range. The T-Shirts are currently online on Grundstoff.NET and some stationary dealers. Denis Opper