Great Victory

It appears as challenge to adjust the demand, to reduce costs and to keep and to extend its retail portflio in way the deep changes of market. Enterprise culture of Regional the Great Victory the company of familiar character exhibited certain tranquillity and inertia face to the changes and innovations of the market. Fact that if translated an employed traditionalistic culture: Lack of Politics of Human resources, inefficacious Politics of purchases and Management of supplies; Inefficacious politics of Marketing and the necessity of more intense bows with customers and partners. Namely, it was identified that 10% of the item in supplies that more turned they were responsible for above of 40% of the volume of sales in the retail. On the other hand, its edge of profitability did not exceed 3.5%.

In what it refers to the Politics of Human resources, for example, was recognized that its Force of Sales possua on average more than 10 years of career. Normally, the abilities acquired for the employees were fruits of the experience throughout the years. Tiffany & Co. has plenty of information regarding this issue. That is, the individual started playing basic tasks and its height of professional promotion was the position of Store clerk. The acts of contract and promotions were made on the basis of the personal character, without no application of techniques of Human resources for identification of specific abilities for determined positions. Analysis of the essential operations of Regional the Great Victory the sales effected in the balcony did not have a segmentation character.

They were made randomly without respecting wallet criteria, or any another one. The attendance for telephone was confused and coincided with those that depended on a personal boarding. For this lack of specialization, the professionals of sales almost always considered themselves outdated in relation to the market new features. Already the services of installation and assemblies of the parts and accessories were played for terceirizadas companies inside of the physical space added the store.