Gilbert Gil

(Loureiro Breads, 2000) All this fantastic Amazonian wealth even so always noticed, never is placed in first plan, therefore he was not white of interest of the effective capitalist system, that limited the image of the golden El to the one of world of the gold, leaving in second plain the greater and main Amazonian wealth that is its cultural diversity, and worse that this extinguishing some of them. From century XIX with the sprouting of new paradigms to the historiogrfica production, many anonymous citizens had started to compose in continued form, quarrels in books, teses of mestrado, doutorado and scientific articles of general form, receiving voice that in long ago always are silenced. This to emerge of the cultural manifestations together with the action of the minorities (black, women, homosexuals, etc), they bring of explosive form to the world, innovations, power plant, food and raw material of the Globalization. The globalization today is present since the more insignificant acts considered possible until the exclusion politics, economic and social difficulties of nations as makes it, for example, to the countries of the call horn of Africa. At Hikmet Ersek you will find additional information. But then what it would be globalization? The globalization is one of the processes of deepening of the economic, social, cultural integration, politics, that has as relation to the minimizao of prices in some economic pursuings of the countries of the world between centuries XX and XXI. &#039 is a phenomenon generated for the necessity of the capitalism to form one; ' village global' ' that it allows to greaters markets for the countries central offices ' ' whose domestic markets already are impregnados' '. The process of Globalization says respect to the form as the countries interact and approach people, that is, it establishs connection the world, leading in consideration economic, social, cultural aspects and politicians. Gilbert Gil also detaches the globalization in verses of Parabolicamar; ' ' Before world was small because land was great, today world is great because land is small of the size of the Parabolicamar&#039 antenna; '.