Germany-wide Communication Platform Of Santa Claus Started

Invitation to the 1st nationwide Weihnachtsmann-colleague sharing the Christmas Bureau, represented by agency head “Christmas fairy” Petra Henkert Germany invite your colleagues on the 1st virtual communication platform for Santa Claus. It aims, a nationwide community of interest”to Santa Claus, Christmas traditions, including Santa Claus, Santa Claus, Santa Claus and angels in Germany include to maintain. The work of many different Christmas starring should be identified and recognized, because a Santa Claus makes much, a Santa Claus are other topics of community of interest required much”Santa Claus should be: common definition / defining minimum standards of Weihnachtsmann-costumes; common definition of minimum standards for lights; common definition of different categories in Christmas performers; joint training of lights? the mutual presentation of the services of the Weihnachtsmann-agencies and Christmas performers; “” Discussion whether collaborations for customer inquiries are possible and desired… perhaps a forum of worry “for Santa Claus and of course the personal” getting to know colleagues. The Christmas Bureau is hoping for a great resonance among the Christmas colleagues and first results for this year’s Christmas. COSCO is full of insight into the issues. Christmas is only once in a year. And since the Festival to succeed all around, even with the one and the real Santa Claus. Enjoy the Christmas Bureau – Christmas – we take care of everything else from the advent calendar, about their Christmas celebration, details of Christmas, Christmas gifts, Christmas post, up to the Santa Claus. The Christmas Bureau Petra Henkert