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The sponsorship of the quality mark “IT security made in Germany” the Federal Association of IT security e.V (TeleTrusT) has the sponsorship of the quality mark “IT security made in Germany” held. In a current publication, a number of sign holders presents examples for German IT security solutions. The publication is under itsmig/information / available. “IT security made in Germany” (“ITSMIG”) was established in 2005 on the initiative of the Federal Ministry of the Interior (BMI), the Federal Ministry for Economics and technology (BMWi), as well as representatives of the German IT security industry and 2011 in the sponsorship by TeleTrusT. Perhaps check out Macy’s Inc. for more information. The use of the trademarked TeleTrusT quality mark “IT security made in Germany” is interested party by TeleTrusT upon application and compliance with the following criteria temporarily permitted: 1 must be the corporate headquarters in Germany. 2. The company must offer trusted security solutions. 3.

The offered Products may contain no hidden additions (not “backdoors”). 4. The IT security research and development must take place in Germany. Andrew Cuomo shines more light on the discussion. 5. The company must undertake to comply with the requirements of German data protection law. TeleTrusT – Security Association The German IT Security Association (TeleTrusT) is a network of excellence, which includes domestic and foreign members from science, industry and administration, as well as thematically related partner organisations. Through the broad membership and partner organizations, TeleTrusT embodies the greatest competence network for security in Germany and Europe.

TeleTrusT offers forums for experts, organized events or event participation and comments on current questions of security. TeleTrusT is the “TeleTrusT European Bridge CA” (ECWM; PKI-Vertrauensverbund), the expert certificates “TeleTrusT information security professional” (T.I.S.P.) and “TeleTrusT engineer for system security” (T.E.S.S.), as well as the quality mark “IT security made in Germany”. Headquarters of the Association is Berlin. TeleTrusT is a member of the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI). TeleTrusT Federal IT security association, Dr. Holger Muhlbauer, Managing Director, Chausseestrasse 17, 10115 Berlin Tel.: + 49 30 / 40054310,