February Eduardo

He begins to be sung front, profile, by the four flanks. As he corresponds to the city of the democratic world, engalanada suddenly with the enhiestos pennants of heroism that has had Europe. Eduardo de Ontan. Hour of Spain (October, 1938).

The VOICE OF the INSPIRED OF BURGOS POET Account the journalist, narrator, essay writer and critic of art Mada Carreo that, when it began to work in the Working World writing met his future husband Eduardo de Ontan, of Burgos journalist, who soon would be appointed to Valencia to direct the periodic Truth, del that she was reporter. In 1938 they contracted marriage, in autumn of that year collaborates in Hour of Spain. From Valencia they moved by sea to Barcelona. In the first months of 1939 they undertook the way of I exile, first in France, later in England and later in Mexico. Lord Labour Party member had welcomed in its property of Eaton Hasting, to a group of Spaniards, among them to Eduardo de Ontan and Pedro Garfias. Protested by his husband it marched to England, of where both to the South of France returned again, undertaking the trip to Mexico in the mythical French ship Sinaia that weighed anchor of Ste the 25 of May of 1939 and arrived at Veracruz the 13 from June, transporting to more than 1. 600 Spanish republicans.

In that one passage the first newspaper was published of I exile: the Sinaia, that was distributed free of charge in the expedition. The inspired poet, novelist, essay writer, journalist, publisher and bookseller Eduardo Ontan Lebantini were born in Burgos the 13 from February from 1904 and passed away in Madrid the 20 of September of 1949. Son of a journalist, to the thirteen years, already published poems in the newspaper that directed its father.