Employee Qualification As A Critical Success Factor In Terms Of Power

Intensive course brings major challenges for the competing areas of energy utilities, from production through trading and sales to billing for network use, regulatory management, asset management and deluge the liberalisation of the Swiss energy market. Also the natural monopolies in the range are affected by the new market model and have to deal with regulation and unbundling. Located in this environment successfully to assert, the right employee training is a critical success factor. As a new or career changers, as an update for everyday work or to be up to date – especially in the power sector, there are always new challenges as a result of the changes in the law. The intensive management of the network the organiser AG gives also the economic and legal context in addition to the technical knowledge on the network in the form of comprehensive and practical. Course objective: The course has claim to deliver not only the basics around the topic of networks, but also about current legal To show changes as well as future developments in the area of the network. Topics: – network landscape and network operators – regulation management: professional handling of the regulator – power use and tariff calculation: as composed the charges and what possibilities exist in the design – maintenance strategies in the grid area to the changed framework conditions – fit energy data: who needs who, when, what data exchange? Controlled administrative effort in spite of different formats audience: the course is aimed at all career changers and new in the area of electricity grids from power company.

Moreover, all those are addressed, dealing with the following topics: network use, mains operation, Web service, network management, network planning, network sales, network economy, regulation management/regulatory management, energy data management, asset management, controlling and billing/billing. More information about this course is available under nnm the organiser AG organizes congresses, conferences, seminars and in-house training. The events are characterized by a high degree of practical relevance and experienced speakers from academia and industry.