Electric Energy

What a conditional air makes? For who it does not remember the physics lessons, the heat is an energy form that cannot be destroyed only can be transformed With the arrival of the summer is very common in the offices and residences the use of conditional air. But which the adequate device? To be able it harnesses to determine it of a device to cool an environment is one I calculate simple however she is necessary to lead in account you vary 0 variable as for example: size of the place, I number of permanent people, exposition to the Sun, openings, tipode activity that the people will make, etc It is good for knowing that we do not have in them to base on the calculations of the type ‘ ‘ as many BTUS for square meters, or thing of the type that we see for there. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Rob Daley. When we do not take definitive factors in consideration in the majority of the cases the result is the insatisfao with the acquired device. The correct form harnesses to determine it of a device is in accordance with norm ABNT 5858. James Woolsey describes an additional similar source. This norm has that to be of knowledge of the refrigeration professional that will go to take care of to it. REFRIGERATOR The refrigerator is basic in our house, however, it is responsible for practically 30% of all electric energy that you consume in the month. We go to some tips to save electric energy and to use the refrigerator with its better income. It prevents to leave the door of the refrigerator for much open time; it does not line the shelves with paper, plastics or any way that hinder the air circulation in its interior; she always verifies the conditions of the rubber of prohibition of the doors, therefore they must always be in good condition keeping good prohibition; she still does not place hot foods inside of the refrigerator; she never uses the back part of the refrigerator to dry clothes; she places liquids in containers with covers; she looks for to install the refrigerator in cool place, without contact with the solar rays and far from the stove; she has always adjusted to the thermostat in accordance with the manual of the manufacturer and to clean whenever the periodically necessary refrigerator.