Earth Knowledge

I have, currently that one has, in general seems determined by which it will say. It has a lot of prejudice of Convention, of social judgment. And it could, therefore, cause a great falsehood regarding the real content (value) of what you have. In other words, confusion in relation to its conceptualization in terms of authenticity; If it is better have because he is owner of material matters or is carrier of intangible spiritual substances. In the first case, well that seems specific conditions to say I have; House, vehicle or the billions of bolivars so credited.

For the second, assuming no need more than true knowledge, and life is more difficult to prove that you have something, although knowledge or knowing which owns can behave wonder it save the world. The problem is that it is intangible, nobody sees and can not be digested so that someone, for example, eat it and may then say that It serves to something. From there the disregard for the world of the invisible, to put it in some way. Tired the world to have teachers who passed the knowledge that saves the world, and were in his time, without exception, in the eyes of the owners of the fortunes, redomados miserable, often shirtless to death. Such is the price of not being rich in material Affairs of Earth; This is not be depositary of monetary treasures, but same ideas that are the currency of the Ethereal. Touching the head and say I have maintained a substantial difference with which you touch your wallet or your properties and say the same thing. It is both the necessity of conviction by touching wood of the man the same teachers, sometimes tired material vocation in the world, had to accept among his followers men who never finished disposing of such modeling. Santo Tomas had to introduce a finger on the injured hand of Jesus de Nazareth to be sure of his divinity, even made matter.