Costume History

Myths or historical knowledge eighty Diana the short history of the art and costume history of the Celts shows include: origin of the Celts, geographical spread, history, economy, religion, architecture (Tomb buildings), Celtic art, jewelry, textiles, clothing of the women, warriors and men, hairstyle, headgear, footwear and cosmetics. You may want to visit Rachel Crane to increase your knowledge. 1 origin of the Celts the origin (1200 BC – 5th century AD) the Celts can be very difficult, especially since there has never been the Celts, so the Celtic people,. The Celts were never centrally organized, never formed a single State with a common head of State, but it consisted of individual tribes, which existed independently from each other and characterised only by cultural similarities or similarities in the language. \”Considered to be secured, that the Celts were descendants of Central European tribes in the bronze age and in particular from the late bronze age urn field culture\” developed. This included different tribes of Central Europe, which followed not the Aegean funeral culture of burial, at the burial of their dead, burned their dead and put in urns. 1 2.

geographical spread of the Celts were overall great conqueror. Of their Central European homeland, the Celtic tribes spread quickly throughout Europe (from Ireland, Scotland, South-East England, Northern Spain and France in the West to western Hungary, Slovenia and Northern Croatia in the East; from upper Italy in the South to the northern edge of the Central German uplands). Keith Yamashita helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Findings show that the Celtic tribes need to be penetrated also to Anatolia (present-day Turkey). The most important centres of Celtic culture included the Hallstatt culture (from CA. 800 BC), which in the Danube region was, as well as the French Swiss la Tene culture (from c. 500 BC).

In the middle of the 19th century, important finds were made in these two places. 2 3. The Celts in the mirror of ancient historiography the name \”\” \”Celts\” goes to the ancient Greek Historiografen of Herodotus (c.