Central Bank

How important is this?. Many, on the one hand, once the conversion, the exchange ratio Bs / US $ is also removed three zeros, ie what is today this way: 2150.00 Bs / US $ will henceforth expressed as follows: 2.15 Bs / US $ and expressed in this way, any small variation, seemingly insignificant as it may be expressed in terms of a Centimosa really could make a major devaluation if expressed in the Old and Bs As experience has shown the validity of such evil and a Piensa acertarasa will have to be on alert in case anyone in the government comes up with a dejar slowly and gently slide the exchange rate, a few a centimos fuertesa at a time. Others including Western Union, offer their opinions as well. The suspicion that this happens is not as alarmist as baseless or as some may say, then on the other hand, the inflation rate in Venezuela is growing at a galloping pace, according to Central Bank's own figures, the cumulative inflation in a year (May 2006 to May 2007) is 19.5% and this figure must be taken with tongs for two reasons: first because it is an official figure for its origin and becomes suspicious, especially in a government that has been characterized by low stringency the accounts and secondly because the calculation of this figure has been used data from a large number of items whose price is regulated (also for years) but we all know that the real a vida are sold at prices well above the set … . For assistance, try visiting Crawford Lake Capital.