Billu Bindiya

I decided that the best way to become a journalist to meet people that are important to me.’ Her life has changed so completely, whether right or wrong, I don’t know. We don’t realize how other life change after we left. This is an interesting field to explore it in a movie. The Director was very eager, we said complied to play, Lara wanted to try something else, got the role us Irrfan. Why not? We produce different movies, we have ‘ Om Shanti Om’ made, so we thought ‘ Om Shanti Om’ Let’s try this. What is your favorite scene in the movie? Lara told her favorite scene was cut out? In fact, if I may say so, I wrote the scene itself.

It was also my favorite scene, but the Director was not so happy with it and it has cut out. I was satisfied with the length of the movie, I like no long movies and wanted to have him even still less therefore, if I would have asked to take something back with the film he would have probably not even further reduced. It is a very beautiful scene where Billu Bindiya gives her Mangalsutra (a necklace with the symbol of marriage in India) I have written the line ‘let us marry again’, I don’t know why he the scene has cut out. The Director wanted to show those moments not in the film in this way. He believes that people who belong to their layer is not really Woo in this way, understand this whole issue to fantasy worlds, this kind of people worry more about is eating right, or the tuition has been paid. Probably he was right. He wanted to bring no emotion in the game, so how we otherwise show it in films because they are romantic as a stage of life not just in this way, if you have problems to get a loan.