Billu Barber

He also greeted the fans like Anushka, but it was not possible to understand him, because it was too loud and the speakers are too far away. According to the program, it should have 30 minutes onstage autograph, but he remained much to the delight of the fans for an hour. Group for group carried out by the barriers and the members were our group in the last area in front of the stage, src had to leave the stage. He walked along the fence, and as he approached was visible that it was not very good. I’m very impressed with what energy and willpower he endured this weekend, to delight his fans because of his shoulder injury.

It is a relief to know that his surgery went well on Monday and he’s feeling better. Click Bitcoin for additional related pages. The performers from the current movie Billu Barber (also in German cinemas current seasons under): Lara Dutta, Irrfan Khan and Shah Rukh Khan on Friday he embarked together on autograph stage and on Saturday on the big stage after that on the way to the music stage where he answered questions from the audience and to love dancing Mera hit as was told us. Because the autograph session 2 should be about 3 hours later, we were not able to watch this show. Instead Jasveer Kaur and Anushka Sharma came for the second time on the stage, to meet their fans. It was a pleasure to watch them interact. Time passed and gradually we felt the effort, but it was worth it, because then came src. I was separated from my group (one had to beware always, not other people swarmed out like it happened to me) and saw them approaching the stage. SRC announced the emergence of Lara Dutta and Irrfan Khan and they took to the stage, to also sign autographs and to pose with the fans.