Americas Reality

And this one, almost always, has been ligature to the conceptual thing. Like cancellation of all that one Earth narrative, the call arises in the Sixties Latin American boom. In this same decade, and as manifestation than the sociology of Literature denominates ideological vanguard, consolidates the Cuban revolution like representation of a way of production different from the existing one in our countries. To broaden your perception, visit Dell. This new reality happens to be the possible utopia in the political land. And as far as concerns Literature, doubtlessly, a new speech is born.

We do not mean that it is a direct consequence of the historical fact, because we would fall in determinism. But it is not less certain that the creation of House of the Americas, Havana, becomes important incentive for the development of that new aesthetic code. It is begun to make a Literature of the revolution, but also a revolution in Literature. Horizontal narrative history jumps made pieces, to take step to the superposition of the space planes as as much temporary: The green house dixit. Thus, as they are falling old woman structures, they are appearing other new ones.

On the other hand, the necessity of a linguistic experimentation produces the beautiful accomplishment of a new literary baroque style, but without coming off themselves the reality. They are examples shining of this construction, Paradiso, of Lezama Lima, 62. Model to arm, of Cortzar, not to speak of Rayuela that, for the time, is constituted in a species of factotum of the experimentation, mentions forced of critics and landlord of nveles writers. In 62, the author tries to externally face the behaviors of a group of mentally ill men who look for another access the world. This outer search in the plane of the personages is also an aesthetic search faced the European proustiano model. It is an enrichment than a previous Venezuelan, like Rmulo Galician, it had already raised in the relativity of the concepts truth-lie. Such amplification of the levels of the reality does tam