Administration Worked To Death

Not wanting to waste time wasting your time and soul. 're Losing the life of both wanting to win. "Jose Bergamin. Our traffic is so short on this dimension that we know how to handle the job properly and that imprisons us and bring us to the point of death. The Japanese call this karoshi.

As we remember,, the closest translation into Spanish would be "death by overwork", an evil which produces more than a hundred victims a year in Japan, despite government efforts to raise awareness a society with a rigid work culture. It is said that the first report of a case of karoshi dates from 1969, when a man of 29 years died exhausted in the area of office of Tokyo's largest newspaper. However, the Japanese Ministry of Labor recently began compiling statistics in 1987. According to experts, the medical causes of death by overwork (cardiac arrest and stroke, the two most common) are due to long hours labor to which Japanese workers are subjected. In several cases it was found that the victims worked about 3,000 hours annually. A related site: Western Union mentions similar findings. In an informal calculation, if you discount the Franks and holidays, workers completed working days between 11 and 12 hours.

More than a hundred Japanese, is calculated annually by karoshi dies. Worried by these figures, the government launched a prevention campaign. Among other measures, the Ministry of Labour promotes respect for maternity leave and the use of teleconferencing as an alternative to commuting to large cities.