The individual action is only legitimate when it translates an advantageous accomplishment for the community, thus, the proprietor must use to advantage itself, in its benefit of the property, therefore he is of the interest of the society that individual prospers, however, also must, to destine it or to make to serve it to the common good, not being able of this form to leave it without producing nor to destroy it. 3. Partner-economic effect of the beginning of the social function of boarded the country property As already, we notice that it had a change in the form where the individual can assume itself and use itself of a property, that is, to the concept of the land as production factor was surveyed some estimated that they must be respected. The use of the property before made only for I benefit proper, of egoistic form, the spite only of the capital concentration, without the concern with the effect of the productive process is taken so little in consideration to the natural resources and to the social values, was substituted by an use concept that the collective takes care of, that beyond thinking itself about productivity, thinks about respect to the half-environment and the relations of work. Let us see then, that social function of the property limits of certain forms yearning of the detainer, of the capitalist proprietor, therefore egoistic intention goes beyond these limitations, and the trend is that each time more would search the profit, the personal advantage without if to matter with excessively much less with the half-environment, therefore, if did not have this imposition the consequences could be disastrous. In such a way, it is needed for in such a way an adequate system of fiscalization so that if it has guaranteed these requirements that had come to add with the interests of the society and meeting with the notion of sustainable development. 4.

Conclusion With passing of the time the notion of the property as of absolute right was being questioned for the society, and thus new characterizations had been attributed its use, appear then, the concept of social function, that the fulfilment if makes necessary so that the right is guaranteed the property. The doctrine of the social function of the property backwards I obtain the primordial objective to give ampler direction to the economic concept, facing it, as Civil Code Code of Civil action. Organizador Yussef Said Cahali. 6. ed.rev., current. ampl. So Paulo: RT, 2004. MORAES, Alexander> of. Constitucional law. 13 ed. So Paulo: Atlases, 2003.