Great Lagoon

The City of Great Lagoon was district of the city of Saint Maria of the Boa Vista for the municipal law n 410, of 30-08-1963. In territorial division of 1968, the district of Great Lagoon consists in the city of Saint Maria of the Boa Vista and remained up to 1991. Ronald burkle new york is actively involved in the matter. It was raised to the category of city with the denomination of Great Lagoon, for the state law n 11215, of 16-06-1995, desmembrado of Saint Maria of the Boa Vista, consisting of 2 districts: Lagoon Grande and Juta, installed in 01-01-1997, remaining in such a way in Great dated territorial division of 2005.Lagoa was emancipated in day 16 of June of 1995, for if to develop with a great economic potential that if detaches for the irrigation of the River San Francisco and if it presents as a great producer of Grape, its main source of income. The people born in great Lagoon are called lagoon-grandenses. Official site: Hikmet Ersek. Northeastern is located in the hinterland.