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Is hour to erase stars, to keep the moon, to disassemble the sun shining, to pour the sea, to play except the forests, therefore nothing it has to give certain doravante.’ ‘). It is clearly, therefore, that the loved one made a poem species to that loved, that he is died (‘ ‘ … it morreu.’ ‘). Differently of what she occurs in Poem and Escape in Lesser Reverse speed, where the person deceased is proper I-lyric (‘ ‘ My mother arrived it me and said is, to my held me grandfather of the picture, my grandsons waved to me of futuro.’ ‘ ; ‘ ‘ The cloud loaded me asleep, beached a ship the creation, transposed the limb, when I woke up, my father, already was cu.’ ‘). In the poem of Cheap Ruy, in turn, connotations that express death are: 1) ‘ ‘ On the piano – rosas’ ‘ to the one as well as in Blues Fnebres, this poem brings the figure of the piano? a music is known that in burials and more comumente in velrios it has generally the presence of the piano, touching fnebre (they requiem). We perceive, therefore, that the proper figure of the piano as a universal symbol of velrio, and, being universal, meets in both poems denoting another universality: the death. The roses (the flowers in general, however are more recurrent the roses), as it is known, are led in velrios and burials (another universal question, although the pink figure to appear only in the poem of Cheap Ruy), as a form to homage the deceased and in respect for that they suffer. 2) ‘ ‘ ‘ touched Bach …; ‘ to it is common classic musics to be touched in velrios..

Manuel Rodriguez Mendoza

This second book nor came to be published: would wait until 1888, that finally appeared with the title of first notes. He tried his luck also with the theatre, and came to brand new a work, entitled each sheep, which had some success, but today has been lost. However, life was unsatisfactory in Managua and advised by some friends, opted to embark for Chile, where departed on June 5, 1886.(Wikipedia) Newly arrived in Chile, Dario lived in very precarious conditions, and also had to endure continuous humiliation by the aristocracy of the country, who despised by his little refinement and the color of their skin. However, he came to make some friends, as the son of the then President of the Republic, the poet Pedro Balmaceda Toro. In recent months, Eric Valente has been very successful. Thanks to the support of this and another friend, Manuel Rodriguez Mendoza, to whom the book is dedicated, managed Dario published his first book of poems, thorns, which appeared in March 1887. Between February and September 1887, Dario lived in Valparaiso, where he participated in several literary contests.

Back in the capital, found work in the journal the Herald, with which he collaborated between February and April 1888. In the month of July, he appeared in Valparaiso, thanks to the help of his friends Eduardo Poirier and Eduardo de la Barra, blue, the key book of the newly initiated modernist literary revolution, writes Emelina, sentimental novel, intended to participate without success in a literary contest. It receives the coldness of Chilean then, the intelligentsia and the bourgeoisie who continue the color of the skin of the Central American. It also publishes autumn and epic hymn to the glories of Chile, which were prepared to participate in a contest organized by Francisco Valera, Chilean millionaire. The bases of the contest indicated that participants were due, on the one hand, a few compositions in the manner of Becquer, and on the other, a singing Chilean heroes. .

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Germans Werder Bremen

In that Italian club only had a stint, the next went to Spain to join Real Zaragoza, where he was one of the top scorers with 15 goals until 2008. The latter year he returned to Genoa, where it was consecrated as one of the best strikers in the Italian League. In 2009, Inter pays 25 million euros for the transfer of Milito, who scored two goals that gave the triumph 2-0 loss to Milan in their first encounter. From that moment, the race of Milito has grown significantly and has become a great contributor to the triumphs of La Beneamata. Among the most recent achievements of Milito with Inter are the Scudetto and the Champions League 2009/10. The situation of these two players forces them to miss the following commitments of League and one of the most important for the nerazzurris, encounter against Tottenham Hotspur by the third day of the group stage of the UEFA Champions League. In the Champions League, Inter began their participation in the first round of the group with a 2-2 tie stage before Twente. The second match of the European champions has resulted in a 4-0 triumph against Germans Werder Bremen.

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Urban Identities

Sofia, History, will be able to coexist Hilde perfectly, Literature, while each one to live its dimension. From the moment where one to take the place of the other, the Histriatermina. Ahead of this who guarantees in them that a Norwegian does not exist malucoescrevendo and playing of God with its, mine or our life? Who podenos to guarantee that we are not as Hilde or Sofia, personages of a History semfim, or with day and schedule marked for the reading of the last paragraph. What real? What he is imaginary? For we, do not matter if imagensque is being reflected in the great wall of the cave is imaginary oureais. We have that to have in mind, the certainty of that the chains that in the aprisionamdiante of this wall, are imaginary.

They do not exist, then they cannot in it withhold, we are free and to a step to see the Real, therefore what in she separates of it sonossas to them attitudes. If the reading of this unpretentious literature made to see this to it, stimulated or simply you made to reflect on its History, if you are Sofia or Hilde, we believe that both, History and Literature, can perfectly coexist. REFERENCES CHARTIER, Roger. The world as Representation. Studies Advanced, n 11, p.115-127. Jan.

/Abr. of 1991. GAARDER, Jostein. The world of Sofia: romance of the history of the philosophy. So Paulo: Company of the Letters, 1996. PESAVENTO, Sandra Jatahy. Relation between History and Literature eRepresentao of the Urban Identities in Brazil (century XIX and XX). In: RevistAnos 90, Porto Alegre, N. 4, December of 1995. P. 117.