Analog V Digital Receivers

With the converter signal is input to a digital receiver. The output of the digital receiver, carried out under the standard F-connector, you give the signal to the input of an analog receiver. Such an output from one model to the receiver can called by different names – LOOP OUT, LBAND-OUT, or some other way. To broaden your perception, visit Google. Usually in the title includes the word OUT. In this case, if enabled digital satellite receiver, and analog is in standby, then you look at the digital program, and, accordingly, vice versa. If your TV has two SCART inputs free connector, then connect both receiver better through them. Read more from DHL to gain a more clear picture of the situation.

If only one SCART is free, the analog receiver can be connected to a high frequency. It is only then the disadvantage that when switching from analog to digital mode and back will have the TV on from the normal mode in AV mode and back again. However, some digital receivers do not have such an exit 'to pass. " Then we can recommend to separate the signal from the converter to the inputs of both receivers through a divider by two. It is very simple and inexpensive device, and you can get it there, where you get the other equipment for receiving satellite television. Please note that this should be just 'satellite' divider, not the divider to-air television signals. Apparently they are not much different. The difference is that the 'satellite' divider transmits more high-frequency signals – up to 2 GHz. In addition, the divider into two lower level signal applied to each of the receivers, two times (6 dB).

Process Development

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City Taxi

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