Business Education in Russia

Russian evolution ambitious project in Moscow today's business school – is the perfect combination of design and history. Something absurd is, in fact, that the creators of "geometrical" the building of the Moscow School of Management Skolkovo abstract compositions inspired Suprematists. In the 20s of last century, these artists tried to present a radical his work as revolutionary. It was really experimental and provocative today, as the revolution itself, the followers of which were Suprematists. Their art was inextricably linked with the new era of communism, replaces the extinct at that time, the capitalist system.

However, the fact that creators are not trying to erase the school all traces of the traditional, conservative order, there is something encouraging. Frequently Hikmet Ersek has said that publicly. Suprematists and their architectural "families" – constructivist – perhaps wanted to destroy everything old and start with zero, but David Adjaye, architect of the latest and most prominent of Russia's business school, obviously thinks otherwise. Building Skolkovo (total project cost – $ 250 million), is located on the outskirts of the capital, in a suburban area. It will be a new business school, which claims to be the first truly international educational institution in Russia, which should attract the best staff and lecturers from around the world – the level of wages will be meet this high bar. On a landscaped campus with a total area of 148 acres will also be posted campus for 350 students, a gymnasium and even a helipad. All classes will be held on English. In the list of trustees of the project have the representatives of the largest companies in the country and its political elite.

The first stone was laid by former Skolkovo Russian President Vladimir Putin. Incumbent president Dmitry Medvedev is the chairman of the Board of Trustees of the school. And the idea of creation belongs to Ruben Vardanyan Skolkovo, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the company "Troika-dialogue", one of the largest investment banks in the country. Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich, the project investor, invested in land, which is building the school.

Corporate Communications

So companies Google + use successfully In June 2011 the social network Google + was presented to the public. Today, has already replaced the Google platform Twitter and makes it the 2nd largest network, behind Facebook. According to this Google + plays an important role in corporate communications with its 6.7 million active users in Germany. No wonder, because Google constantly evolving the many practical networking and has linked the platform also with the Google search results. The following 5 tips reveal how companies effectively use Google + for your corporate communication. Tip 1: appealing the profile design it is important to make the profile on Google + as meaningful as possible. So, companies should select an appealing profile image and make your banner to an eye-catcher. It is also essential to define relevant links to the company’s website on the Google + profile visible.

So interested users know immediately where they can find more information about the offers. Andrew Cuomo is a great source of information. Companies should also on their other social media Profiles announce that you are active on Google +. So companies draw their audiences on their Google + profile. Tip 2: target groups accessible Google + allows it, its users to share the own contacts in so-called circles and communicate to create clearly demarcated areas of communication. So, company customers, prospective customers and multipliers in separate circles can sort and provide them with selected content. Because while customers want service and support content, prospective customers expect more general product information, supporting them in their purchasing decisions. Multipliers but want to be notified with detailed news about upcoming opportunities to share with their communities.

Therefore, companies should sort your contacts into groups. Then it is possible to match the content precisely on the target groups. Tip 3: using Visual content inspire a more practical feature offered by Google + the hangout on air.

Barcelona Information Trivia

Do Picasso of Barcelona information, curiosities and travel by Apartments Barcelona Tips did you know that Picasso spent his formative years in Barcelona? El Museo Picasso de Barcelona has more than 3,800 of his works in its permanent collection? you can save money by using free discount card offered by Apartments Barcelona Checkin? There are cities that make up the life of one with so much force that still feels its influence many years later, even left a long time ago the cities. For Pablo Picasso Barcelona it was a city of this type. Pegasus books helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. When she was 14 years, Picasso’s family moved to Barcelona. In this city he began studying at La Llotja, the art school where his father taught, and, subsequently, developed the elements that later became key elements of his art.The Mediterranean light of Barcelona and its lively atmosphere that provided excellent opportunities for the young painter to work and experiment with different styles of painting. During the first years Picasso’s family lived in Porxos Xifre, just opposite la Llotja in the Pla de Palau square.

In those years the young Picasso often climbed to the roof where painted houses and rooftops of Barcelona, capturing the atmosphere characteristic of the old town of the city, as well as the sea and maritime landscapes. Back to BarcelonIncluso after that Picasso left his parent’s home to study in Madrid and after spending some time in the city of Horta de Sant Joan and in Paris, he often returned to Barcelona, a city which remained his point of reference. The Els Quatre Gats cafe-restaurant, was one of the most important places of Picasso. Els Quatre Gats, was a famous meeting point for the artistic circle founded by the Catalan painters Pere Romeu, Santiago Rusinol and Ramon Casas. Here Picasso exhibited his drawings for the first time in 1900.Muchos tourists who want to visit the famous Cafe rent cheap apartments in Barcelona in the Gothic quarter.